Modern and well equipped packing premises, electronic scales and special packaging equipment are used for eliminating any possible mistakes. The selection and the sorting of the fresh fish is implemented manually. This avoids "hurting" the fish with automatic sorting arms and other kind of equipment that could possibly damage the fish.

The fish, prior to delivery, are separated, categorized very carefully according to their weight and size, and packed right after the cold thermo-tanks into isolated thermo boxes.

A brand new ice producing machine is in use, to ensure the preservation of the right temperature in our cargo, as the fish leaves for its destination the same day. The ice used for cooling the fish during transportation is placed in nylon bags, as any direct contact with the fish is undesirable.

Only special polystyrene boxes are being used for the export of the fresh fish with very high thermo-isolating properties that offer resistance to loss of temperature for more than 30 hours.

These boxes are light in weight. A label is attached on each box including all the necessary details, like date and time of packing, country of origin, our official packing number, weight, the number of fish included and other valuable information. All this, combined with the careful sealing, attributes to a package that brings freshness right into the customers' hands.

Sea-Bream  Label    Sea-Bass  Label
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Transportation of the packed fresh fish is carried out with our own freezer-trucks from the fishery to Thessaloniki International Airport "Makedonia", which is only a 2 hour drive. Daily flights depart to every destination worldwide, reassuring rapid delivery to any country.



ALIEIA S.A. ensures day-to-day delivery! Freshness is guaranteed! As, if you were next to the fishing place!

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